Committee details

Lincolnshire Waste Partnership

Purpose of committee

The Lincolnshire Waste Partnership comprises of one councillor and one officer from each Council listed below:


Boston Borough Council; City of Lincoln Council; East Lindsey District Council; Lincolnshire County Council; North Kesteven District Council; South Holland District Council; South Kesteven District Council; West Lindsey District Council


The main roles of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership are to:


To focus all Stakeholders on the delivery of the objectives set out in an agreed Joint Municipal Waste Strategy.


Monitor performance against the objectives set out in the agreed waste strategy.


To provide a mechanism through which to assess the impacts of change on all stakeholders in the control and management of waste, be that residents, business, or other third parties, are fully considered before individual decisions are taken.To ensure close communication between partners, and consistent messages to Stakeholders.


To agree a Lincolnshire position in respect of national waste management issues, and to lobby in support of this position when required.


To provide a framework for sharing and learning.


To establish a culture with values in support of the agreed waste strategy.


By way of a clear voting structure, make clear the majority view of the Partnership, so that all partners can determine their own authority's actions in that context.


Meetings of the Lincolnshire Waste Partnership are held three times per year.  The meetings are generally open to the public, unless otherwise specified.


  • Councillor E J Poll  (Chairman)  (Lincolnshire County Council)
  • District Councillor D Brown    (Boston Borough Council)
  • Christian Allen    (Boston Borough Council)
  • District Councillor Mrs S Harrison    (East Lindsey District Council)
  • Victoria Burgess    (East Lindsey District Council)
  • District Councillor F Smith    (City of Lincoln Council)
  • Steve Bird    (City of Lincoln Council)
  • District Councillor P Burley    (North Kesteven District Council)
  • David Steels    (North Kesteven District Council)
  • District Councillor R Gambba-Jones  (Vice-Chairman)  (South Holland District Council)
  • Charlotte Paine    (South Holland District Council)
  • District Councillor Dr P Moseley    (South Kesteven District Council)
  • Ian Yates    (South Kesteven District Council)
  • District Councillor J Summers    (West Lindsey District Council)
  • Ady Selby    (West Lindsey District Council)

Contact information

Support officer: Rachel Wilson. Democratic Services Officer

Postal address:
County Offices

Phone: 01522 552107




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