Committee details

Mid-Lincolnshire Local Access Forum

Purpose of committee

The primary purpose of the Mid-Lincolnshire Local (Countryside) Access Forum is to provide advice to local authorities and to Natural England on how to make the countryside more accessible and enjoyable for open-air recreation, in ways which address social, economic and environmental interests. 


The current membership of the Forum comprises of two Lincolnshire County Councillors, one councillor from North East Lincolnshire Council; and nine Independent Members.


Meetings are usually held quarterly, at venues, and times to be confirmed.  The meetings are generally open to the public, unless otherwise specified.



  • Councillor W J Aron    (Lincolnshire County Council)
  • Councillor C L Strange    (Lincolnshire County Council)
  • Councillor James Cairns    (North East Lincolnshire Council)
  • Chris Padley  (Chairman)  (Users of Local Rights of Way)
  • Sheila Brookes  (Vice-Chairman)  (Users of Local Rights of Way)
  • Peter McKenzie-Brown    (Users of Local Rights of Way)
  • Colin Smith    (Users of Local Rights of Way)
  • Councillor Mrs Sandra Harrison    (Landowners)
  • Ray Shipley    (Other Interests)
  • Richard Graham    (Other Interests)
  • Richard Salkeld    (Other Interests - Green Lane Association)
  • 5 Vacancies (Land Owners)   
  • 3 Vacancies (Users of Local Rights of Way)   
  • 2 Vacancies (Other Interests)   

Contact information

Support officer: Steve Blagg. Democratic Services Officer

Postal address:
County Offices

Phone: 01522 553788




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