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Austisic children’s funding in Lincolnshire

We the undersigned Currently Lincolnshire has a budget of £35,000 for Children with Autisic issues. Portage is grossly underfunded with one woman handling all of the autisic needs of our children. The waiting list for parents badly in need of help is over 6 months and even then its only 6 sessions offered. There are no groups/ play centres or Autisic support workers. In Huntingdonshire there are numerous support centres/ therapists and speech and language councillors available the budget being four times that of Lincolnshire. My son is desperate for help and the recourses available to us here are so limited he will suffer horribly with his future education here in lincolnshire becuase he cant get the help he needs now. Others parents are out there alone trying to help navigate their children through a complex and often stressful early start. Your signature will make a difference. Thank you.

I request that you sign this pettition to enable me to fight for more funding / more support and a greater range of services for both a child’s and parents Autisic needs.

This ePetition ran from 04/02/2019 to 03/08/2019 and has now finished.

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