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Apologies for Absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors V C Ayling, J P Churchill, N I Jackson, C E H Marfleet, J R Marriott, D C Morgan, C J Underwood Frost and B Young.


Declarations of Councillors' Interests


Councillor R J Philips declared an interest in agenda item 4 (minute 24 refers) as he was representing a number of clients who were campaigning for the closure of footpaths across railway lines.


Minutes of the meeting of the Council held on 17 May 2013 pdf icon PDF 170 KB

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          That the minutes of the County Council held on 17 May 2013 be       approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


In relation to a question raised by Councillor A Jesson at the meeting on 17 May 2013 (minute 12 refers), he acknowledged that on the basis of information he had received since the last meeting, he was satisfied that there had been no deliberate mis-use of staff time, and that processes had since been revised, and therefore the matter was closed.




Submission of Petition - In Support of the Closure of Public Unmanned Footpaths Crossing Trainlines Nationwide


In accordance with the Council’s Petition Scheme, Mrs Donna Dixon spoke for not more than three minutes in explanation of the contents of the petition in support of the closure of unmanned public footpaths across train lines.


The Chairman reported that the Chief Executive had determined that the petition would be referred to the Executive Councillor for Highways, Transport and IT.



Chairman's Announcements


The Chairman reported that the first few weeks of his term of office had been varied and interesting and had given him and his wife the opportunity to meet a variety of people from various parts of the County.


He thanked his wife for supporting him on these engagements and also Councillor Bill Aron and Amanda Job, Vice-Chairman and Lady, for representing them at civic functions when, due to other commitments, they had been unable to attend.


The Chairman reported that his duties had included attending the 70th Anniversary of the Dambusters Service of Commemoration, the no 50 and No61 Squadrons Association Annual Service at Birchwood and Skellingthorpe, supporting the ABF The Soldiers Charity and the Royal Logistics Corps TA.  The Chairman and Lady were also pleased to attend the 129th Lincolnshire Show which attracted many visitors to the county including HRH The Countess of Wessex who he was honoured to welcome to Lincolnshire.


A complete itinerary of civic engagements, since the last meeting of this Council were on deposit in the Members' Foyer.


Members were reminded that at the last meeting of Council it was agreed that this Council would re-affirm its declaration of 9 March 2007, which stated that the Council condemned extremism and racist behaviour in all its forms and asked group leaders to sign the declaration, as community leaders.


Group leaders were invited to step forward to sign the document. 


Statements/Announcements by the Leader and Members of the Executive pdf icon PDF 81 KB

Additional documents:


Statements by the Leader and Members of the Executive had been circulated with the agenda for the meeting.


Questions to the Chairman, the Leader, Executive Councillors, Chairman of Committees and Sub-Committees


Questions pursuant to Council Procedure Rule 10.3 were asked and answered as follows:-


Questions by


Answered by


(a)  R B Parker

N Worth

The need for a park and ride system in Lincoln when the work on the castle is completed.


(b) C Pain

R G Davies

Request for support from the Executive Councillor in relation to obtaining extra funding for road maintenance from central government


(c) Mrs M J Overton

M J Hill OBE

Update on the changes to the Supporting People Service


(d) Mrs S Wray

Mrs C A Talbot

An update on the present situation following the national review into the Safe and Sustainable Children's Heart Surgery Services


(e) R Kirk

Mrs P A Bradwell

Lack of provision of mental health social care for over 65's


(f) T M Trollope-Bellew

C J Davie

Representation of residents by their local members on Planning and Regulation Committee in relation to planning applications affecting their divisions


(g) Mrs A E Reynolds

N Worth

Continuation of the library on prescription service following the review of library services in Lincolnshire


(h) P Wood

C J Davie

Setting of key priorities for economic development


(i) J D Hough

M J Hill OBE

Improvements to the library service


(j) C J T H Brewis

R G Davies

Improvements to the East Coast rail network


(k) G Ellis

C Pain

Signing of the declaration against extremist and racist behaviour


(l) R G Fairman

C J Davie

Supporting rural pubs


(m) Mrs A M Austin

C J Davie

Promotion of the storage and distribution park at Kirton to bring economic development to this area


(n) P M Dilks

N Worth

How the Tier 1 and 2 libraries were identified


(o) B Adams

M J Hill OBE

Function of the Digital Engagement Team


(p) S F W Palmer     

N Worth

Proposed library services for those unable to travel


(q) S R Dodds

Mrs P A Bradwell

Quality of education in academies compared with maintained schools


(r) M Brookes

C J Davie

Update on action being taken for residents in relation to the Tritton Knoll scheme


(s) K J Clarke

N Worth

Location of public consultation events for library service proposals


(t) Mrs C A Talbot

M J Hill OBE

Update on the visit to Lincoln by the Rt Hon Patrick McLoughlin MP, Secretary of State for Transport


(u) J Renshaw

N Worth

Access to mobile library service


(v) R J Phillips

R G Davies

Disruption on Newark Road caused by road improvement works


(w) N Murray

Mrs P A Bradwell

Mental health underspend


(x) R Renshaw

R G Davies

Review of speed limit policy in Lincolnshire




Continuation of the Big Society Fund pdf icon PDF 379 KB

Additional documents:


A report by the Executive Director Performance and Governance had been circulated.


It was moved, seconded and




          That the continuation of the Big Society Fund be approved.


Appointment Changes to Outside Bodies - Anglian (Northern) Regional Flood Defence Committee and the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee pdf icon PDF 381 KB


A report by the executive Director Performance and Governance had been circulated.


It was moved, seconded and




1.    That Councillor C J Davie be appointed to the Anglian (Northern) Regional Flood Defence Committee;

2.    That Councillor C E H Marfleet's previous appointment to the Anglian (Northern) Regional Flood Defence Committee be changed to the joint appointment position;

3.    That Councillor Mrs M J Overton be appointed to the Central Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee as the reserve member;

4.    That Councillor M Brookes be appointed as the third County Council representative, and Councillor N Worth appointed as a substitute member on the South East Lincolnshire Joint Strategic Planning Committee as outlined in Appendix A to these minutes.


Minutes of the Council's Committees


Planning and Regulation - 10 June 2013 pdf icon PDF 433 KB




          That the minutes of the Planning and Regulation Committee held on 10      June 2013 be received.


(It was noted that Councillor B Adams was present at this meeting, but had not been included in the list of attendees)


Audit - 24 June 2013 pdf icon PDF 389 KB




          That the minutes of the Audit Committee held on 24 June 2013 be    received.


Motions for Debate


Motion by Councillor J D Hough


It was moved and seconded that:-


'Since 2010 the council has had to find one hundred and twenty five million pounds of savings due to reductions in Central Government funding and cost pressures. We have seen the loss of frontline services and thousands of staff losing their jobs.


People in Lincolnshire have already suffered from the recession with cuts in living standards, job losses, and reductions in public services. Two weeks ago further cuts in Government funding were announced which could mean a loss to Lincolnshire of another fifteen million pounds.


Three years ago a review of councillor allowances was carried out by the Independent Remuneration Panel. The recommendations would have meant an increase in the main councillor allowance of £1,816, an increase of 22%.The Council agreed to defer the increase and use the money instead for the benefit of the community.


Following the election we need to decide what should happen now. There are three options:-


1.    The recommendations of the Remuneration Panel for an increase of 22% are implemented, which would for example increase the basic rate for a councillor from £8,184 to £10,000 a year,

2.    There is no increase in councillor allowances,

3.    The recommendations of the Remuneration Panel are not implemented and instead there is 1% increase on the old allowances.


The current position is that plans are in place to implement the recommendations (option 1 above) of the Independent Remuneration Panel subject to legal advice.


This Council, while recognising the importance of allowances to ensure that Councillors from all sections of the community are able to serve on the Council, and mindful of the recommendations of the 2010 Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) and subsequent Council decisions, believes it would be unacceptable for councillors to vote for the full increase recommended by the IRP in the prevailing economic conditions, and therefore resolves that Councillors should only receive an increase of 1% on allowances currently set out in the third column of Schedule 1 to Part 6 of the Council's Constitution in line with this year’s expected settlement for the work force.'


An amendment was proposed to the motion to delete the final paragraph and to replace it with the following wording, and was moved and seconded.


'That Council resolves to make a Scheme of Members Allowances for 2013-14 that, whilst recognising the recommendations of the 2010 Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) and subsequent Council decisions, makes no increase to the amounts set out in the third column of Table 1 in part 6 of the Constitution.


To convene an Independent Remuneration Panel to report back with recommendations to Council on 13 December 2013 at the latest.'


The amendment, upon being put to the vote, was carried.  This became the substantive motion. 


The amended motion, upon being put to the vote, was carried.


Motion by Councillor Mrs M J Overton


It was moved and seconded that:-

'This council calls on Central Government to support the Independence of Local Government from Central  ...  view the full minutes text for item 31.



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