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Apologies/replacement members


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors L A Cawrey, I G Fleetwood and Mrs A M Newton.


The Chief Executive reported that under the Local Government (Committee and Political Groups) Regulations 1990, he had appointed Councillors B Adams, Mrs A Austin and A Bridges to the Committee, in place of Councillors L A Cawrey, Mrs A M Newton and I G Fleetwood, respectively, for this meeting only.


Declarations of Members' Interests


It was noted that all members of the Committee had been lobbied in connection with minute 63, by residents, including a letter from David M Dennis, Stenigot Estate Company, dated 29 November 2018 and a letter from Mathilda Dennis, by email, dated 3 December 2018. Officers stated that they were aware of the correspondence.


Councillor T R Ashton requested that a note should be made in the minutes that he was the Executive Councillor for Planning at East Lindsey District Council and that he had had no input or involvement in connection with these planning applications in East Lindsey District Council's capacity as a consultee (minutes 63 and 64).


Councillor B Adams requested that a note should be made in the minutes that he was a member of South Kesteven District Council because the application was located in the District Council's area (minute 60).


Councillor C L Strange requested that a note should be made in the minutes that he was a member of the Lincolnshire Wolds AONB Joint Advisory Committee (minutes 63 and 64).


Minutes of the previous meeting of the Planning and Regulation Committee held on 5 November 2018 pdf icon PDF 142 KB




That the minutes of the previous meeting of the Committee held on 5 November 2018, be agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


Traffic Items


Manthorpe Village A607 - Request for a Speed Limit Reduction pdf icon PDF 125 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report in connection with a request to reducef the existing 40mph speed limit to 30mph in Manthorpe Village, near Grantham, as shown in Appendix B of the report.


The report detailed the background to the request, the existing conditions and the proposals.


Councillor R Wootten, the local Division Member, commented as follows:-


·    At the last road census 14,802 vehicles used the A607 at this location.

·    Planning approval had been given to the construction of 480 residential

  homes in the vicinity of Belton Lane, near Manthorpe Village.

·    The introduction of a 30mph speed restriction on Low Road, Manthorpe

     met the Department for Transport's guidance.

·    Many parents with young children used Low Road.

·    The local Parish Council had monitored the speed of traffic and had found that traffic was travelling in excess of 40mph.

·    The proposals in the report were supported by the Executive Councillor for Highways, Transport and IT, Manthorpe Parish Council and the local District Councillor.

·    There had been many accidents at the junction of Belton Lane and the A607.


Comments by Members and responses by officers, included:- 


·    The A607 was a dangerous road.

·    A lot of development was planned in the vicinity of Manthorpe Village and a reduction in the speed limit should be examined before the development took place.

·    It was noted that planning permission had already been given to the housing development and construction.


On a motion by Councillor B Adams, seconded by Councillor D McNally, it was –


RESOLVED (unanimous)


That a reduction in the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph on the A607 and Low Road, Manthorpe, as detailed in Appendix B of the report, be approved to enable the necessary consultation process to bring this into effect may be pursued.


Waterside South, Lincoln - Proposed Restricted Parking Zone and Changes to Parking and Loading Restrictions pdf icon PDF 28 KB

Additional documents:


(NOTE: Councillor H Spratt requested that a note should be made in the minutes that he was a member of the City of Lincoln Council)


The Committee received a report in connection with objections received to an experimental traffic regulation order brought into effect in July 2017 at Waterside South in the area of City Square, Lincoln. The order imposed a restriction on parking throughout the area, except where bays were provided for disabled parking and for loading/unloading by goods vehicles.


The report detailed the background, the proposal, consultations, objections received and the comments of officers on the objections received.


Comments by Members included:-


·    It was noted that the new nearby City of Lincoln car park was now open and an enquiry as to the level of take up by blue badge holders within the disabled bay allocation here was made. Officers stated that they did not have this information available but could get it from the City of Lincoln Council.

·    There had been extensive building improvements made in this area in recent years by the City of Lincoln Council and the restrictions were welcomed.

·    It was noted that limited car park provision was still provided for blue badge holders.


On a motion by Councillor J E Killey, seconded by Councillor D Brailsford, it was –


RESOLVED (unanimous)


That the objections be overruled and the restrictions imposed by the experimental order be made permanent.




County Matter Applications pdf icon PDF 891 KB

Additional documents:


Retrospective application for the temporary installation of six site security and welfare cabins, four water bowsers, generator and associated facilities at Land north-west of Biscathorpe House, Biscathorpe, Louth - Egdon Resources UK Limited (Agent: Barton Willmore LLP) - N/059/02114/18 pdf icon PDF 905 KB


Since the publication of the report correspondence had been received from Donnington and Bain Parish Council, local residents together with the Planning Manager's response to the correspondence, as detailed in the update, which had been circulated to the Committee and published on the Council's website.


Since the receipt of the update, officers reported the receipt of further correspondence from Mathilda Dennis, received by email, dated 3 December 2018 and from Councillor C E H Marfleet, local Division Member, dated 3 December 2018, both objecting to drilling in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Councillor C E H Marfleet's comments were read out to the Committee and included the following:-


·         He was against proposals of industrialising the Lincolnshire Wolds with planning permissions that in this case was not sustainable or providing a solution that would have an impact on the UK's future solution for power and energy.

·         There was a lot of dismay amongst local people, local communities and further afield.

·         No Environmental Impact Assessment was required as championed by Natural England, a national organisation yet recommended by the Lincolnshire Wolds with local knowledge.

·         Currently there was an issue of some form of contamination regarding the River Bain within the Horncastle area catchment yet there seemed little response by the Environment Agency to solve the issue.

·         There had been a lack of respect to planning conditions by Egdon Resources regarding access and traffic and we were now seeing a lack of proper planning and organisation, hence retrospective planning and this was meant to be a professional drilling company.

·         Main concerns currently were about correct and on-going monitoring, starting with an appropriate base line in which to monitor against.

·         Leadership and professionalism needed to be seen that gave public confidence, not conditions being broken or breached or not enforced or retrospective planning showing lack of organisation.

·         It seemed from a public perceptive that Egdon Resources could set its own agenda re: approach, attitude and monitoring, with national organisations such as the Environment Agency and Natural England which gave the public image of not interested or bothered.

·         This was a sensitive area, an AONB with a chalk stream with great communities and tourism links, not an industrial site.

·         He urged the Committee to acknowledge the concerns of the communities in relation to monitoring, breaches and lack of organisation when taking into account their decision regarding this application.


Nick Bodian, representing objectors, commented as follows:-


·    Spoke on behalf of many local residents who had formally expressed their concerns about the Biscathorpe oil exploration critically situated in the Wolds AONB.

·    Highlighted the risks to health and to the local environment, especially to the River Bain, an exceptionally rare chalk stream located adjacent to the oil pad.

·    The applicant, despite their boasts of expertise and experience, seemed unable to plan ahead. They had failed to complete a proper risk and security assessment of the site as they had now installed an extra six cabins to accommodate an increase in security personnel without prior consent  ...  view the full minutes text for item 63.


Prior Notification Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) (Amendment) Order 2016 under Schedule 2, Part 17, Class KA for the drilling of groundwater monitoring boreholes at Land off High Street, Biscathorpe, Louth - Egdon Resources UK Ltd (Agent: Barton Willmore LLP) - PL/0124/18 pdf icon PDF 458 KB


The Committee received a report in connection with a prior notification received under the provisions of Schedule 2, Part 17, Class KA of the Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2016 (Amendment) Order 2016 from Egdon Resources UK Ltd who had notified the Minerals Waste Authority of its intention to drill preparatory groundwater monitoring boreholes associated with the petroleum exploration operations at land off High Street, Biscathorpe.


Since the publication of the report a total of 34 objections had been received and the Planning Manager's response to the objections was detailed in the update which had been circulated to the Committee and published on the Council's website.


Since the publication of the report officers reported that the Environment Agency (EA) had provided comments about on-site monitoring of water quality confirming that the applicant had decided to go beyond the requirements of the environmental permit with the installation of three shallow groundwater quality monitoring boreholes which the EA fully support. In addition, officers from the EA had commenced background water sampling from the River Bain. The samples taken were analysed in their own fully accredited laboratory.


Members welcomed this information and stated that this should be welcomed by the local community. 


On a motion by Councillor P A Skinner, seconded by Councillor T R Ashton, it was –


RESOLVED (unanimous)


(a) That the applicant be informed that the Mineral Planning Authority will not be issuing a direction under Article 5 of the Town & Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2016 (as amended) as the proposed groundwater monitoring boreholes constitute permitted development as granted under the provisions of Schedule 2, Part 17, Class KA.


(b) That the development be carried out in accordance with the details as described and set out in the prior notification received 5 November 2018 and subject to the conditions (as specified by Class KA), detailed in the report.



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