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Apologies for Absence/replacement members


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors L A Cawrey, Mrs J E Killey and Mrs A M Newton.


Declarations of Members' Interests


The Chairman highlighted that many members of the Committee had received a letter from Mr Sparks in relation to the Spalding Western Relief Road.  The Chairman had read it and noted its contents.


Councillor N H Pepper also reported that he had received several letters of objection in relation to the Spalding Western Relief Road.


Councillor S P Roe asked that it be noted, in relation to agenda item 5.1, that he had two grandchildren at the school, but he had no financial interest.


Minutes of the previous meeting of the Planning and Regulation Committee held on 13 May 2019 pdf icon PDF 113 KB




            That the minutes of the meeting held on 13 May 2019 be signed by the Chairman as a correct record.


Traffic Items


Hartsholme - Scawby Crescent and Carrington Drive, Lincoln - proposed waiting restrictions pdf icon PDF 161 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report which set out objections received to the proposed waiting restrictions for HartsholmeScawby Crescent and Carrington Drive, Lincoln, which were publicly advertised from 15 November to 13 December 2018.


The report outlined the existing conditions and the objections received as well as the comments of officers on the objections received.


On a motion by Councillor I G Fleetwood, seconded by Councillor D Brailsford, it was:-


RESOLVED (unanimous)


            That the amended proposals as shown in Appendix C of the report and that those proposals be advertised and introduced subject to the consideration of any objections received.


Shepeau Stow/Holbeach Drove B1166 - proposed 50mph speed limit pdf icon PDF 189 KB

Additional documents:


The Committee received a report in connection with objections received to the proposed new 50mph speed limit on the B1166 Drove Road between Shepaeu Stow and Holbeach Drove, as shown at Appendix B to the report.


The report outlined the existing conditions and investigations and the objections received, as well as the comments of officers.


Councillor N H Pepper made the following comments in relation to the proposal:

·         He advised that he had been lobbied by several objectors, but he lived in the area and knew the area well.

·         The local viewpoint was to keep the stretch of road at 40mph all the way through in line with other limits in the area.

·         It was believed that the traffic results were skewed due to the survey being carried out at rush hour.

·         It was also highlighted that those parents who wished to walk their children to school would struggle as there were no footpaths along the road which was bounded by deep ditches.

·         It was acknowledged that the road was not densely populated.

·         Speedwatch volunteers were making a difference in a lot of villages but they could only carry out speed checks in 30mph or 40mph areas.

·         The Road Safety Partnership had indicated that there had been 3 accidents over the past five years, but there was a longer history of many accidents at the cross roads.

·         There were concerns about the number of HGV's which were using the road.

·         It was noted that Gedney Parish Council was consulted but didn't comment, however, it was noted that this parish was 14 miles from the stretch of road in question, and that it did not appear that Gedney Hill Parish Council which was only 1 mile away had been consulted.

·         Members were informed that the local MP supported the objectors, however, it was understood that officers had to follow the policy.


Members were provided with the opportunity to comment and ask questions on the information contained within the report and some of the points raised during discussion included the following:

·         It was queried whether, as the closest parish council had not been included in the consultation, and a decision was made, would that leave the Council open to judicial review, it was acknowledged this was a possibility.

·         The Chairman suggested that he would prefer to defer this item until Gedney Hill Parish Council had been consulted, and that it would come back to the next meeting.

·         In response to some of the comments made by Councillor Pepper, members were advised that the traffic survey had been carried out over a 7 day period so was representative of average vehicle speed throughout that period.  The opportunity was taken to give consideration to the side roads within the proposed limit where the criteria were met for the introduction of 30mph limits as proposed.  The proposed 50mph limit would allow the impact of the 40mph speed limit signage on the approaches o the built up areas of Shepeau Stow and Holbeach Drove to be  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4b


Traffic Regulation Orders - Progress Review pdf icon PDF 104 KB

Additional documents:


Consideration was given to a report which informed the Committee of the position on all current Traffic Regulation Orders and petitions received since the last report.


One member commented that there seemed to be a bit of a back log, and there were a few in his area that he would like to see progressed.




That the report be received and the receipt of petitions noted.


County Council Applications


To construct a new classroom and carry out internal remodelling works to create access to the new block and convert an existing classroom to provide library facilities at St Michael's Church Of England Primary School, School Lane, Thorpe On The Hill, Lincoln - Kier Design and Business Services - 19/0225/CCC pdf icon PDF 2 MB


The Committee received a report which sought planning permission for the construction of a new classroom and to carry out internal remodelling works to create access to the new block and convert an existing classroom to provide library facilities at St. Michael's Church of England Primary School, Thorpe on the Hill.


Officers guided members through the report and set out the main issues to be considered in the determination of this application.


Naomi Weaver, Headteacher at St Michael's Church of England Primary School, spoke in favour of the application and made the following points:

·         The school served the village and surrounding areas, 90% of the children travelled into the village.

·         The current number on roll was 180 and there had been no rapid increase as it had only risen from 162 in 2014/15

·         The new classroom was not to increase capacity of the school but to provide space for a library and intervention space to target teach children.

·         It was highlighted that there was building on three sites in the village which would undoubtedly bring children who would attend the school, but they would be able to walk.

·         17 comments had been received, only four of them had been from villagers who had concerns, the remaining ones were positive and were from both villagers and parents.

·         The concerns highlighted in the four negative comments included speed and volume of traffic and school parking; that the new classroom was for the new homes being built and not for the village children, and also highlighted the village being used as a rat run, speed of vehicles, volume of builders and farm traffic; all these comments highlighted concerns of the volume and speed of traffic as the primary concern.  Two of these comments highlighted issues with abusive parents, however this was something the school could not control, it only related to a minority of parents and parents were regularly reminded of the need to be courteous to other road users.

·         Concerns which had been raised by the parish council had been addressed and it was reported that an action group had now been set up with a parish council representative, and the school was working with the community; the annual meeting had only raised a single issue, speed and volume of traffic, rather than anything parking or school related; the travel plan had been reviewed and resubmitted which received praise from the approving officer, and the school sought specialist support in order to complete this work; parking at Whisby had been suggested by the Parish Council, however, the ability to park there had now been withdrawn by Whisby; some villagers believed that the school parking slowed down traffic and made it safer; the issues on surrounding roads were often caused by through traffic, not parking.

·         At the end of January 2019 water works started in Thorpe on the Hill which closed the main rat run through the village.  This caused a danger as the road outside the school became a new ratrun and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5a



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