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Apologies for Absence/Replacement Members


Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Mrs W Bowkett, C S Macey, C E H Marfleet, and Miss Alex Sayer (Parent Governor Representative). It was noted that Councillor C E H Marfleet would be present as a spokesperson for the call-in rather than a member of the Board.


It was reported that, under Regulation 13 of the Local Government  Committee and Political Groups) Regulation 1990, Councillor S R Kirk was replacing for Councillor C E H Marfleet, for this meeting only.


Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.



Call-In of Decision by the Leader of the Council on the A631 Market Rasen to Louth Safer Roads Primary Route Network pdf icon PDF 376 KB

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Consideration was given to a report which invited the Board to consider a call-in in relation to a decision by the Leader of the Council on the A631 Market Rasen to Louth Safer Roads Primary Route Network.


The Chairman referred Members to the Call-in procedure which was set out on page 5 of the agenda pack.


The Chairman invited Councillor C E H Marfleet, spokesperson for the call-in to present his reasons for the call-in.


In presenting his reasons for the call-in, Councillor Marfleet explained that although he welcomed the repair work on the A631 Market Rasen to Louth road, there had been a long-standing issue with the safety of various locations/collision hotspots on the road that had not been addressed within the Executive Councillor report.


Members were referred to paragraph 1.7 of the Executive Councillor report, which stated that in addition to resurfacing this stretch of the A631, the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership would also be looking to lower the speed limit, installing average speed cameras and installing reactive speed signs later in the year.  It was of Councillor Marfleet's view that the speed reduction measures proposed had not addressed many of the road safety issues that the road posed and that a proposed 50mph speed limit for the entire stretch of road was not necessarily appropriate.


Furthermore, Councillor Marfleet emphasised that a public consultation on the proposed speed reduction measures had not taken place. Until a thorough investigation and consultation had been undertaken into the safety of the entire road and possible alternative solutions, it was not considered appropriate to begin a large scale scheme of work. 


Both the Leader of the Council and the Executive Councillor for Highways, Transport and IT were invited to address the reasons for the call-in.


In doing so, the Leader of the Council acknowledged the reasons for the call-in, noting that there seemed to be no indication that the spokesperson had an issue with the recommendation to award the main contract for the resurfacing works on the A631 Market Rasen to Louth, but rather an issue with the safety measures that had been proposed within the report. The Leader of the Council also recognised that there had been a lack of consultation on the speed reduction measures proposed within the report, and that it would be beneficial to fully consult with the public on this matter. 


Members were informed that as a condition of the road safety funding offered, the government would be expecting that there were some road safety measures included within the scheme, and although there was no direct obligation in order to receive the funding, it could jeopardise any future road safety funding available to the Council if safety measures were not implemented.


As a response to the call-in made, the Leader of the Council proposed that the physical works commenced as currently planned and a public consultation was initiated at a later stage to determine the most appropriate road safety measures for the road.


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