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Planning and Regulation Committee

This page lists the meetings for Planning and Regulation Committee.

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Information about Planning and Regulation Committee

The Planning and Regulation Committee comprises of fifteen councillors, who represent the political balance of the Council.


The Planning and Regulation Committee functions are to:-


Exercise powers in relation to Traffic Regulation Orders and the management of traffic within Lincolnshire;

Determine provision of pedestrian crossings that do not meet policy criteria;

Deal with Planning development control matters;

Implement the County Council's Speed Limit Policy;

Give full consideration to the Council's overall environmental policies; and

Exercise various powers and duties in relation to the management maintenance and enforcement of the public rights of way network and the continuous review of the Definitive Map and Statement of Public Rights of Way.


The meetings are held monthly throughout the year, usually on a Monday at 10.30 a.m., in the Council Chamber, at County Offices, Newland, Lincoln, LN1 1YL (unless otherwise stated).  The meetings are generally open to the public, unless otherwise specified.


Speaking at Committee

If an application goes to the Committee, you may be able to speak if you:

are the applicant
are the agent
submit a comment

The Committee will allow:
            a maximum of two speakers, one in favour and one opposed
            a maximum of two councillors who are not members of the committee
            being limited to three minutes in respect of each application
            all requests to speak, if made at least two working days in advance

Members of the committee may ask questions of speakers. 

If you wish to speak regarding this application at the above meeting, please register your intent in writing or via email to:  after 9.00am on the Monday following the despatch of the agenda on the preceding Friday and no later than two full working days in advance of the committee meeting, indicating whether you intend to oppose or support the application. (Please note that if you are an objector you must have previously submitted a written comment on this application). Requests to speak will be considered on a "first come, first served" basis.

The full terms of reference for the Planning and Regulation Committee are set out in Part 2 of the Council's Constitution




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