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Roundabout Sponsorship

(To receive a report by Paul Little, Network Manager North, which updates members on the current policy arrangements in relation to the sponsorship of roundabouts within the public highway in Lincolnshire)


Consideration was given to a report which updated members on the current policy arrangements in relation to the sponsorship of roundabouts within the public highway in Lincolnshire.


Members were provided with the opportunity to ask questions to the officer present in relation to the information contained within the report and some of the points raised during discussion included the following:

·         The current policy had been in place for 20 years, but was reviewed in 2016.

·         It was highlighted that one issue which needed to be taken into consideration was the public liability insurance of £5 million as it was thought it needed to be higher.  Officers agreed to look into this and whether the figure needed to be increased.

·         It was thought that this could be very beautiful and improve the perception of the area that someone was travelling into.

·         There was a concern that when these things were vandalised there was an expectation that the Council would repair it.

·         It was commented that it was not thought that increasing the value of public liability insurance required would add much to the insurance premium.

·         One member commented that they were in favour of planting and advertising on roundabouts, as those with no sponsorship which were just block or brick paved tended to accumulate a lot of weeds, which was one of the issues that generated the most complaints from residents.

·         It was commented that sponsorship was becoming more and more difficult to find for roundabouts in North Hykeham.

·         It was discussed whether a review panel should be set up to look at this subject in more detail, as there were a number of issues to consider.

·         It was queried whether the Policy actually encouraged businesses to sponsor roundabouts and how many enquiries had been received.  Members were advised that the number of enquiries was quite small.  Work was on going with district councils, and it was noted that East Lindsey had tried to take the lead for a county wide scheme.  however, the trial had been terminated as its own planning committee did not give planning permission, as planning permission was required for the placement of signs on roundabouts.

·         It was highlighted that this was a very complex, particularly in relation to planning, as there would be a need for agreement between planning committees of all seven districts of how this would be managed.

·         It was queried whether members of the Environment and Economy Scrutiny Committee should be involved as there was an economic and commercial aspect.

·         Benefits of holding a working group could be seen due to the cross cutting themes of the subject matter.  But it was queried what the current appetite amongst district councils was and whether the county council wanted to stimulate activity.

·         It was queried whether sponsoring verges could also be an option, as they would be easier to access and safer to maintain.  It was suggested that verges on the lead up to villages could be sponsored.

·         It was suggested that the Leader should speak with the leaders of the district councils to come up with an approach to sponsorship on roundabouts as each district would have different views about it.  However, members were advised that this would be work which would be done as part of a scrutiny review.

·         It also needed to be examined whether this was something the council wanted to encourage and the policy would need to reflect that.  However, it was argued that this would only be determined from examining the evidence base.




            That the Scrutiny Committee unanimously recommended support should be sought from the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board  for a Scrutiny Review Panel to be established to examine this topic in more detail.

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