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Statements/Announcements by the Leader and Members of the Executive


Statements by Members of the Executive had been circulated with the agenda.


In addition to the statements already circulated, Councillor C N Worth, Executive Councillor for Culture and Emergency Services reported that a major incident had been declared overnight at the Mid UK facility at Barkston Heath, he reported that 12 fire engines and two support vehicles had attended at 2am in the morning of 14 September 2018.  The Council was informed that due to the speed, efficiency and expertise of the fire crews who responded at putting in fire breaks, the fire had managed to be contained to two sheds.  At the time of the meeting, the fire was still ongoing but it was well under control.  It was reported that the fire had started on a conveyer belt, but more details would emerge in time.


It was reported that there had been two former fires at this site, after which a lot of emergency planning had gone on at the site.  This had clearly paid off for this incident.


Members were made aware that there was a considerable plume of smoke, but it was highlighted that it was white smoke rather than black smoke and was non-toxic.  The Council was working with the Environment Agency and Public Health.  The public nearby had been advised to keep their windows and doors closed.  At this time there were seven or eight fire engines in attendance and it was expected that this would reduce to four by midday.  It was thought that the plume of smoke may be visible for another two or three days, but fire and rescue would continue pumping water until it was certain the fire was extinguished.


The Executive Councillor thanked the 60 or so fire fighters for their attendance at the incident, and requested that the full Council acknowledge and thank the firefighters for their efforts.


The Chairman added that it was clear there was an excellent fire service in the County and that thefire fighters should be praised whole heartedly.

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