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Adult Care and Community Wellbeing Quarter 3 2017/18 Performance

(To receive a report by Theo Jarratt (County Manager, Performance Quality and Information), which presents performance against Council Business Plan targets for the Directorate as at the end of Quarter 3 2017/18)


Consideration was given to a report by Theo Jarratt (County Manager, Performance) and Sue Cecconi (Programme Officer), which presented the performance against Council Business Plan targets for the Directorate as at the end of Quarter 3 2017/18.  It also continued the theme of a focused look at the performance of a function of the Directorate.  It was advised that in the report for quarter 3 the performance focus was on the health checks programme.  The programme was at the end of its current contract and had performed well during this time. 


Members were guided through Appendix A to the report which provided an overview of the Adult Care and Community Wellbeing council business plan measures.


Members were provided with the opportunity to ask questions, where the following points were noted: -


·         It was reported that the drug and alcohol programme had seen an uplift in performance since switching provider;

·         Collecting data on Chlamydia diagnoses per 100,000 15-24 year old was a government requirement, and it was also noted that the latest data was almost nine months old.  It was hoped that the quarter 4 data would be on target, following an increase in more accurately focusing on the target age range.  It was noted that the 15-24 year old age bracket was measured upon as this group saw the highest prevalence of chlamydia.  It was reiterated that this was a nationally set target;

·         The Committee was advised that although the performance for the measure on the percentage of people in receipt of long term support who have been review in the period (adult frailty clients) was likely to increase in Quarter 4, but it was unlikely it would achieve its target;

·         Members were advised that the drug and alcohol programme was delivered by Addaction Lincolnshire.  It was noted that the 40% target was based on a national standard;

·         Concerns were raised that whilst Mosaic had been in place for a while, the percentage of reviews for adult frailty had not increased as previously expected.  In response, the Committee was advised that there was a need for the year end performance to be reviewed, and officers suggested that an update on this could be provided at a future meeting.  It was confirmed that the target would be reviewed by the Adult Care Executive DMT;

·         SAS4percentage of people in receipt of long term support who have been reviewed in the period (learning disability, 18+ plus mental health, 18-64) - it was queried why the target had increased from 63% in quarter 3 to 100% by quarter 4.  It was noted that this would need to be taken forward as the target should be 95% target;

·         It was commented that the delay in reporting performance in some instances of up to nine months made it difficult for scrutiny committees to influence performance.  It was therefore requested that performance information be made available as soon as possible and be considered by the relevant scrutiny committee.  It was also requested that in addition to the performance data, a short summary of performance for each target be provided as context for the reader, including any information on benchmarking;

·         The frustrations with reporting timescales were shared by officers, but all areas within the organisation were facing challenges with IT, which was having an impact on the ability to report timely performance information;

·         The main purpose of the health checks programme was enabling early intervention where this was required; and

·         The national picture had shown that Lincolnshire continued to perform better than the national average for the percentage of eligible people invited for an NHS Health Check; and for people receiving their NHS Health Check.  It was noted that Lincolnshire was in the top 10% in England in terms of performance.




(1)  That the Quarter 3 performance and the performance focus on Health Checks be noted.


(2)  That a short summary of performance, including information on benchmarking, for each indicator as requested above be included in future performance reports.

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