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Pensions Administration Report

(To receive a report by Yunus Gajra (Business Development Manager, West Yorkshire Pension Fund (WYPF)), which provides a quarterly update on current administration issues)


The Board gave consideration to a report from Yunus Gajra, Business Development Manager, West Yorkshire Pension Fund (WYPF), which provided a quarterly update on current administration issues.


Attached to the report for the Board's consideration were the following Appendices:


·         Appendix 1 - Customer Survey Results;

·         Appendix 2 - Feedback Summary;

·         Appendix 3 – Employers Summary;

·         Appendix 4 – Annual Benefit Statement/Active Member Newsletter;

·         Appendix 5  - Pensioner Member Payslip/P60.


Whilst guiding the Board through the report, the Business Development Manager, West Yorkshire Pension Fund made reference to the following:


·         Key Performance Indicators for period one – 1 March 2018 to 31 May 2018.  Reasons for underperforming were shown at the bottom of page 8 of the report presented.  A question was asked as to whether the monthly posting target of 95% was realistic.  The Board was advised that it was an area being looked at to see if it was achievable as each month more employers were coming in to the Fund;

·         Scheme Information as at June 2018;

·         Age Profile of the Scheme;

·         Employer Activity – It was highlighted that from 1 March 2018 to 31 May 2018, four academies had become Scheme Employers; and that the West Yorkshire Pension Fund was currently working with 12 schools who were in the process of converting to academies or Prime Account Schools;

·         Praise and Complaints – It was noted that the number of Lincolnshire member's sample survey letters returned should read 17 and not 172 as stated.  Details of the Customer responses were shown in Appendix 1 to the report;

·         Employer training and survey.  Feedback from the two Employer sessions were shown in Appendix 2 to the report;

·         Internal Disputes Resolution Procedures – Some concern was expressed to Stage two appeals against the scheme employer being handled by the West Yorkshire Pension Fund.  Reassurance was given that these appeals were looked at totally independently by staff not directly involved in the administrative side of the Fund.  The Board received an explanation relating to the two types of appeals;

·         Ombudsman – A question was asked as to whether there would be any compensation from Prudential.  Officers agreed to look into this matter;

·         GDPR Update;

·         Current Issues – The Board was advised that as a result of changes from 14 May 2018 relating to members with deferred benefits, numerous requests had been received for their early release;

·         Proposed Changes not taken forward – Particular reference was made to paragraph 6.18 relating to Additional Voluntary Contributions;

·         2017 Local Government Scheme Annual Report;

·         2018 Scheme Return – Scheme-specific data;

·         GMP Reconciliation – The Board was advised that work was ongoing reconciling GMP's with HMRC.  Reassurance was given that all queries would be raised by the HMRC's deadline of 31 October 2018; and

·         Finance – The Board was advised that the projected cost for 2018/19 for Pension Administration Shared Services had been estimated at £14.91.  This figure was below the target cost of £17.00.  Details of the shared cost per member were shown on page 19 of the report presented.




            That the Pensions Administration report presented be noted.

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