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Non Emergency Patient Transport for Lincolnshire - Thames Ambulance Service Limited

(To receive a report from the Thames Ambulance Service Limited (TASL), the provider of non-emergency patient transport in Lincolnshire.  The report provides the Committee with an update on the latest position on service delivery performance.  Mike Casey, General Manager, Thames Ambulance Service Limited (TASL), will be in attendance for this item)



The Committee gave consideration to a report from the Thames Ambulance Service Ltd (TASL) as the provider for non-emergency patient transport for NHS Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Groups.


The Health Scrutiny Committee for Lincolnshire had requested a performance update in September 2018 at its June 2018 meeting.


A sheet showing the August key performance indicators for 17/18 was circulated at the meeting for the Committee's consideration.


The Chairman welcomed to the meeting Mike Casey, General Manager, Thames Ambulance Service Limited (TASL) and Andy Hill, Contract Manager, Lincolnshire (TASL).


The Committee was updated on the organisational restructure; staffing issues; the full fleet review; the implementation of fixed route planning; the increase in the number of voluntary car drivers; the implementation of a full patient reminder service; and the appointment of two HealthCAB System Trainers.


The Committee noted that TASL was continuing to work with the Care Quality Commission.  It was noted further that performance KPI's remained a challenge; and that work was continuing with commissioners to agree a performance recovery trajectory.


Particular reference was made to the July performance which had dropped against most Contract Performance indicators.  It was reported to the Committee that the reason for the drop in performance was that TASL had entered into a partnership with Lincolnshire 24/7, a single local authority transport provider and that existing working arrangements with third party and taxi providers had been removed.  It was noted that this action had then enabled the fixed route planning pilot to commence, which had impacted of the performance for July.  The Committee was advised that going forward there would be improvement.


A discussion ensued, from which the following issues were raised:-


·         That the lateness of information provided was unacceptable.  Some members also highlighted that the way information was presented could be improved.  The General Manager TASL agreed to look at putting the information into an easier format;

·         A question was asked as to when it was felt that the Committee might be able to see at least a third of the indicators at green.  Recognition was given that a lot had been done, but there was still more to do;

·         One member expressed concern regarding the number of managers; and to the fact that it would be useful to see a structure chart.   The Committee was advised that a structure chart would be made available to members of the Committee.  Confirmation was also given that managers were very much operational;

·         Some members felt that there had been improvement, as lots of changes had been made; and particular reference was made to the fact that the number of voluntary car driver numbers had continued to increase.  Other members felt that there were still significant improvements to be made.  The Committee was advised that the voluntary car drivers were a very importance resource; and as such were a high priority for TASL;  and

·         One member asked whether the Committee was able to see any complaints received.


In conclusion, the Chairman confirmed that the position was an improving picture; that was moving in the right direction.


On behalf of the Committee, the Chairman extended his thanks to the representatives from TASL.




1.    That the Non-Emergency Patient Transport for Lincolnshire report presented be noted.


2.    That TASL be requested to attend the Committee on a quarterly basis, but in the meantime monthly KPI & RAG data received from TASL be shared via the Chairman's announcements until such time as the Committee are satisfied that there has been sufficient improvement. 

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