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Children Missing Out on Education Annual Report 2017/18

(To receive a report by Jill Chandair-Nair, Inclusions and Attendance Manager, which invites the Committee to consider the 2017/18 annual report on Children Missing out on Education in Lincolnshire)


Consideration was given to a report from Jill Chandair-Nair, Inclusions and Attendance Manager, which invited the Committee to consider the 2017/18 Annual report on Children Missing out on Education in Lincolnshire.


The report highlighted that the local authority had a statutory duty to ensure that all children received an education that was suitable to their age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs they might have.  The annual report attached at Appendix A detailed all the processes that were in place to monitor children who were missing out on education for 2017/18.


In guiding the Committee through the report, particular reference was made to the groups of children who were identified as being at risk of missing out on education, these were:


·            Children Missing Education, this was where children were not on the roll of a school;

·            Children who were electively home educated, this was where parents were failing to provide suitable education to meet the needs of their child;

·            Children not attending school regularly, this would be where a child had not attended school for a period of 10 consecutive days; and that there absence was unauthorised.  For pupils for whom a fixed penalty notice had been issued as a result of persistent absence/unauthorised leave; or when pupils parents were being fined or prosecuted due to their child's poor attendance; and

·            Pupils receiving less than 25 hours of education per week; it was noted that this would arise when pupils were not receiving full time education e.g. medical needs.


Attached to the report was a copy of the Children Missing Out on Education Annual Report 2017/18 for the Committee's consideration, which covered all the above groups.


During discussion, the Committee raised the following points:-


·            The level of the penalty.  Officers advised that the level of the Fixed Penalty Notice was set at a £60.00 per incident.  Confirmation was given that there was no prosecution for non-payment.  However, if the matter was to continue, then a fine would be considered. It was also confirmed that the time taken was mainly used for holidays.  Confirmation was given that schools had discretion as to what action they took; and would only approach the local authority when there was a problem.  Confirmation was also given that where a fine was not paid and it was not the first offence then the matter would be transferred to the legal team;

·            Home Educated pupils – A question was asked whether there was any geographical hotspot.  The Committee was advised that there was a higher number of home educated pupils in the East Lindsey area.  The Committee was advised of the process followed when dealing with such a case.  It was highlighted that where there were concerns about provision for a child, the local authority would always try to work with the family for the best interest of the young person.  The Committee was advised further that work was on-going to shorten the process; and that quite often where it was identified that home education was not meeting need, the child often went back to school;

·            One member highlighted the usefulness of shadowing a social worker for a day;

·            The impact of the curriculum on teenagers.  Officers confirmed that schools needed to provide education to meet the needs; and that lots of schools had a varied curriculum; and were able to purchase alternative provision, to offer flexibility; and

·            It was highlighted that some comparison information might be useful for the Committee to consider in the future.  Officers confirmed that this matter would be looked into for future reports.




That the Children Missing Out on Education Annual Report 2017/18 be received. 

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