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For the construction of a liquid fertiliser storage lagoon at Park Farm, Gainsborough Road, Willingham by Stow, Gainsborough - G H By Products (Agent: G H By Products) - 138772


(NOTE: Councillor I G Fleetwood requested that a note should be made in the minutes that he was a member of West Lindsey District Council and Chairman of their Planning Committee but had not had any involvement in this application).


Alan Tasker, representing the applicant, commented as follows:-



·         This liquid fertilizer replacement waste storage lagoon represents a significant investment in farming. The utilisation of bio fertilisers are often unwanted by many. However, with ever increasing pressure on farming, sustainability needs to be at the forefront of UK Farming operations.

·         Food demands were set to increase as the world population and climate change effects were truly realised. This lagoon enabled the delivery of time managed nutrient rich materials to the soil for crop and associated food production.

·         The recent document produced by the UK government titled a Green future: our 25- year plan to improve the environment was a 304 page document which highlighted the requirement for sustainability.  The need to improve farm land, maximise waste efficiency and ensure food was produced sustainably and profitably.  A key aim was to have zero avoidable waste by 2050. 

·         This lagoon was a part of that vision.  Deploying material onto agricultural land had a number of strict guidelines which were regulated by the Environment Agency to ensure the operation was carried out in a sustainable, safe and sensitive manor as not to cause any negative impact on the environment.

·         Farming needed to be sustainable and cost effective and BREXIT had not been mentioned.


Alan Tasker responded to questions from members as follows:-


·    A detailed geological survey had been undertaken of the site and the lagoon would have a protective liner which met environmental requirements.

·    Nitrogen rich material would be stored in the lagoon which would come from their factory at Skellingthorpe and this material would be used locally.

·    The transport arrangements were as detailed in the planning report.


Comments by members included:-


·    Although it was noted that while there had not been any objections to the proposed start time HGVs visited the site 5.00am was too early and a start time of between 6.30am and 7.00am was preferred. Officers stated that the current site operated with no restrictions.

·    With regard to any proposed enforcement action taken against those vehicles visiting the site before 07.00, officers stated that it would be necessary to identify the vehicles visiting the site as associated with this development.

·    No objections had been received from the Parish Council to the start times.

·    Regular contact between the applicant and the Parish Council would help prevent any concerns about the application.

·    Should restrictions on the start time be imposed where would HGVs wait for the site to open?  


A motion by Councillor I G Fleetwood, seconded by Councillor T R Ashton, that the recommendations in the report should be approved, subject to Condition 6 being amended to show a start time of 07.00 and finish time of 22.00, was defeated by 6 votes for and 7 against.


On a motion by Councillor P A Skinner, seconded by Councillor D McNally, it

was –


RESOLVED (7 votes for, 5 against and 1 abstention)


That planning permission be granted subject to the conditions detailed in the report.




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