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Performance - Quarter 4 2018/19

(To receive a report from Sally Savage, Chief Commissioning Officer, Children's Services, which provides key performance information for Quarter 4 2018/19 relevant to the work of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee)


Consideration was given to a report by Sally Savage, Chief Commissioning Officer, Children's Services, which provided key performance information for Quarter 4, 2018/19 that was relevant to the work of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee.


The following Appendices were attached to the report:-


·         Appendix A – Council Business Plan Measures;

·         Appendix B – Complaints and Compliments report; and

·         Appendix C – Ofsted School Status Report.


The Committee was invited to comment on the content of the report.


During discussion, the Committee raised the following comments:-


·         Achievement of the thresholds in English and Maths – The Committee was advised that the target was set to be in line with the national average; and that the tolerance measure was set to -2 percentage points below the target; and 1 percentage point above the target.  Some concern was expressed whether tolerance measures should be applied to such an important indicator.  Officers agreed to discuss the matter further with the performance team;

·         Page 97 – Juvenile first time offenders – One member made a request for up to date information, as there was a six month time lag in the reporting of the data.  Officers agreed to look into the request made.  The Committee was advised that the benchmarking element was based on the average performance of Youth Offending Services within the Midlands Youth Justice Board region and that due to the time lag of information received, reported information presented was as up to date as it could be. It was noted that the data had to be comparable, as Lincolnshire was part of a larger group.  The Committee was advised that the diversionary project in conjunction with Lincolnshire Police was now showing some positive effects as there had been a reduction in the number of young people coming into the criminal justice system for the first time.  Officers agreed that the rationale behind the indicator would be a matter for further consideration;

·         Page 105 – Children who are subject to a child protection plan – One member enquired as to whether the increase in Quarter 4 was the start of a trend.  Officers reassured the Committee that this figure had already started to reduce;

·         Page 107 – Average time taken to move a child from care to an adoptive family – One member enquired whether the increase shown in Quarter 4 was the start of a trend.  The Committee was advised that there had been challenges associated with this performance indicator, one of which was being able to obtain court time.  It was noted that this was being looked into and that discussions had been held with the local judge with regard to this matter;

·         Customer Service Satisfaction Information - Concern was expressed that there seemed to be a theme of needing to improve communication.  Officers confirmed that there was still work to do, but on the whole the service was getting it right.  It was noted that training was being given to isolated members of staff;

·         Page 118 – Achievement at a good level of development in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Some concern was expressed that this target had not been achieved.  The Committee was reassured that targeted work would be undertaken with those academies and maintained schools who needed support.  Officers confirmed that schools were monitored on a regular basis.  Officers also agreed to presenting a report to a future meeting, concerning the developing strategy; and what work was being done to improve the outcomes; and

·         Page 112 - Achievement gap between pupils eligible for Free School Meals and their non-FSM Eligible peers nationally at Key Stage 4 - A question was asked as to how this compared to other selective areas.   The Committee was advised that work was on-going to address the gap; and making sure teachers were empowered by using targeted intervention.  The Interim Director of Education confirmed that a briefing email would be sent to members of the Committee advising them of the work being done, and how Lincolnshire compared with other selective areas.




1.    That the performance report for Quarter 4, 2018/19 and the comments from the Committee be noted.


2.    That a report relating to the strategy to improve achievement outcomes at Early Years Foundation Stage be presented to a future meeting of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee.

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