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Annual Update on Lincolnshire County Council's Approach to Traffic Modelling and Transport Strategy Developments

(To receive a report by Sam Edwards, Head of Highways Infrastructure, which details what a transport strategy is, its purpose and the benefits of them for the County Council.  It then outlines what progress has been made since the last report in June 2018 and what further developments are planned in the coming year)


The Committee considered a report which provided an annual update on the Council's approach to traffic modelling and transport strategy developments.


Officers stated that the Boston strategy was in place and the Lincoln strategy was aware were still being developed and Gainsborough's had just started. Transport Boards had been established to oversee the development of the strategies. They comprised senior officers and elected members from both the County and District Councils. The three Boards covered urban areas in the main but and they also took in the surrounding areas where appropriate. It was proposed to establish Transport Boards for other areas in the county in the long term.


The Executive Support Councillor stated that positive feedback had been received on the establishment of the Boards.


Comments by members included:-


·         The Boards should cover a wider geographical area. Officers stated that it was proposed to set up a board to cover Spalding and Holbeach and that Councillor C N Worth had been invited to attend this meeting as the local member. Following a request from Councillor C J T H Brewis it was agreed to invite him to this meeting as a local member and because of his interest in public transport.

·         The establishment of Transport Boards while strategies were being developed was welcomed.

·         This Committee should receive the minutes of the Transport Boards. This request would be raised with the Executive Councillor for Highways, Transport and IT.

·         More interest was being shown by the public in the maintenance of cycle ways and footways.

·         Irresponsible parking by vehicles on footways was a problem.

·         More planning was required in the routing of cycle ways with the cycle way on Skellingthorpe Road given as an example where improvements were required. Officers stated that cycle ways in Lincoln area would be considered as part of the Lincoln Transport Strategy.

·         The planting of wildflowers by the side of highways was becoming more popular with many Councils. Officers stated improvements to footways and the protection of verges for flora and fauna were planned. Footways were examined and prioritised for repair.

·         Legislation in connection with irresponsible parking on footways was being examined by a Government Select Committee as this Committee had expressed concern about the lack of progress and parking on footways was likely to become a civil parking offence. The Executive Support Councillor stated that officers had been requested to examine the cost of providing wild flower verges.

·         An enquiry was made in connection with whether the strategies would consider the implications of climate change. Officers stated that the UK's 2050 deadline for reductions in carbon emissions would be considered in the preparation of the Transport Strategies.

·         Concern about the effects of the reduction in bus services in rural areas was expressed and was this issue considered by the Boards? Officers stated that the scope of the Boards was evolving and each Board would be considering public transport.




(a)  That the report and comments made by members be noted and taken into consideration by the Local Strategy Boards.

(b)  That the Executive Councillor for Highways, Transport and IT consider whether the Committee should receive copies of the minutes of board meetings.

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