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Presentation on One You Lincolnshire

(To receive a presentation by Derek Ward, Director of Public Health, which provides the Committee with an update on One You Lincolnshire, Lincolnshire's integrated lifestyle support programme)


The Committee received a presentation from the Strategic Programme Manager (Lincolnshire Physical Activity Taskforce) and the Head of Service Delivery (Thrive Tribe), which provided details of Lincolnshire's integrated lifestyle support programme, One You Lincolnshire.


The Head of Service Delivery (Thrive Tribe) explained that Thrive Tribe were a healthy lifestyle provider that ran a range of health and wellbeing programmes across the UK, which now included One You Lincolnshire.


Members were informed that the One You Lincolnshire service would provide high quality accessible information and direct support, which would focus on supporting people with smoking and tobacco addiction; physical inactivity; obesity and excess alcohol consumption.


The One You Lincolnshire service aimed to achieve a reduction in obesity prevalence; increased participation in physical activity; a reduction in smoking prevalence; an increased number of people drinking sensibly; provide support to people from areas in need in Lincolnshire; and increase the percentage of people consuming their five a day and improving self-reported wellbeing.


The mobilisation of the service had been now been completed and rolled out across all districts.


Members were invited to ask questions, in which the following points were noted:


·         There were a range of economic and social factors which meant that Lincolnshire's population had higher than average smoking rates and an increased number of people who were overweight, obese and physically inactive.

·         Officers explained that the E-Cigarette related deaths had occurred in America, where the E-Cigarette industry was unregulated.  Members were advised that the UK industry was regulated, which eliminated many of the risks posed.

·         It was explained that switching from Tobacco smoking to an E-cigarette would significantly reduce your risk of harm, whilst still maintaining some level of risk. However, there were concerns over non-smokers becoming addicted to E-cigarettes, and the negative effects of on these people who had previously been smoke free (but no evidence available).

·         At the point of engaging with health care professionals, pregnant women with a smoking addiction were automatically enrolled into a stop smoking programme. Women would have to choose to opt out of this programme.

·         It was noted that the Man V Fat programme was a football based engagement exercise which encouraged teams of men to engage in a weight loss programme. It was confirmed that there were different intensities of exercise dependent on age and ability. There had been significant results achieved through the Man V Fat programme.

·         Members commended the stop smoking services available.

·         It was noted that there had been a range of different approaches used to service rural communities, which involved both physical and virtual support for weight loss.

·         Members were encouraged to promote and communicate the One You Lincolnshire service to residents, wherever possible.

  • Officers advised that the stop smoking service was also available from anybody over the age of 12.

·         It was clarified that the One You Lincolnshire service was not directly available to all NHS staff. The initial aim was to help those who were most at risk and would benefit the most from the programme.

·         Officers explained that there was no maximum age to receive support from the service.

·         The Chairman emphasised the need for preventative work on health and wellbeing across Lincolnshire.

·         It was agreed that a report be scheduled in 12 months to look at the progress of the One You Lincolnshire service.




            That the presentation be noted.






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