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Role of Director of Public Health and Service Areas

(To receive a report from Derek Ward, Director of Public Health, which outlines the

role and responsibilities of the Director of Public Health and to provide details of the three domains of Public Health - health improvement, health protection and healthcare Public Health)



Consideration was given to a presentation by the Director of Public Health which outlined the role of the Director of Public Health and the service areas within, including the following:


  • The role of the public health service, which was to provide health improvement, care and protection.
  • The aims of the joint public health and wellbeing strategy
  • An update on the health and social care white paper
  • Transforming the Public Health System in England Policy Papers


It was noted that Lincolnshire's public health budget for 2020/21 was £44.79m, which included £33.9m Public Health Grant & £10.89m Lincolnshire County Council core funding, which was used for statutory functions and health improvements.

The Director of Public Health emphasised the importance of prevention within the health service, emphasising that investing in protection could protect individuals and their health as well as parts of the wider economy.


The committee welcomed the informative presentation and during the discussion the following points were noted:


  • Members emphasised the strong need for preventative health services and a need for a 'prevention over cure' approach.
  • The single biggest driver for illnesses within Lincolnshire was deprivation.
  • Officer emphasised a need for the delivery of fundamentally different services as the NHS was already overwhelmed.
  • In terms of alcohol abuse, the most at risk group was middle class, middle aged woman who did not recognise that they were drinking to excess but had not reached a point where they needed specialist care for alcoholism.
  • The committee agreed that there was a strong need for education around health and nutrition to reduce obesity, particularly in relation to a high sugar intake. Many adults were unaware of the amount of sugar they were consuming which was contributing to a number of health issues. Members suggested the establishement  of a working group to investigate the health risks associated with a high sugar intake. It was noted that the Executive Councillor: NHS Liaison, Community Engagement, Registration and Coroners was also working on this through the healthy weight partnership and as part of the Health and Wellbeing Board. It was suggested that the two could be aligned to avoid duplication.
  • In relation to the Public Health Division Budget 2021/22 set out in appendix B to the report, the Director for Public Health explained that the 'Misc Public Health Services' was a heading created in line with reporting to central government. A breakdown of the £5.8m of expenses could be provided following the meeting.
  • Dealing with substance misuse was a statutory responsibility of the council and services had to be provided to those in need, therefore there was little control over the level of spending. If funds were to be provided from central government for substance misuse, the council would look at more preventative work, ideally reducing the need for the services.




(1)               That the presentation and comments made be noted.


(2)                     That consideration be given to establishing a working group, with Councillors R J Kendrick, A M Key and C E H Marfleet recording their interest in being members of the workin group.



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