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Pension Board Policies Review

(A report by Jo Ray,Pensions and Treasury Manager, whichbrings the main policies of the Lincolnshire Pension Board for review)


The Board received the annual report on the main policies of the Lincolnshire Pension Board which it was required to review.


The Board considered each Policy and comments made by the Board and responses by officers, included:-


(a) Appendix A - Terms of Reference


1. In the Terms of Reference role of the Board been covered? Officers stated that the role of the Board was detailed on page 14 of the Terms of Reference, in Appendix A.

2. Was the frequency of Board meetings satisfactory? Members agreed that the present frequency of meetings was satisfactory and it was noted that this Board ran well in comparison to other Pension Boards. Officers stated that emergency meetings of the Board could be called if required.

3. Dave Vickers stated that his membership on the Board expired in July 2017 and when would that be considered? Officers stated that consideration would be given to filling his vacancy in April 2017 and that there was not a problem if he wished to serve for another term.


(a) Appendix B - Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interests Policy


Officers stated that the Code now covered both the Pensions Committee and the Board.


What was the position in connection with declarations of members' interest? Officers stated that there was a requirement for the declarations of interests to be updated by members each year and requested that Members complete and return an updated form in due course.


(c) Appendix D – Knowledge and Understanding Policy


Officers stated that training was now a standing item on the agenda.


It was noted that Board members were required to have more knowledge about pension matters than members of the Pensions Committee.




That the comments made by the Board together with the responses of officers be noted and that the Board's Policies be agreed.


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