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Countryside for All

(To receive an update from John Law (Vice-Chairman) in relation to Countryside for All)


Consideration was given to a report from the Vice Chairman of the Local Access Forum which provided an update on the work of the Countryside for All Sub-Group.


The report provided Members of the Forum which an update on the following areas:


·         Countryside for All Routes

·         Dementia Friendly Walks

·         Choice Unlimited Event

·         Funding Bids

·         Accessibility Ambassadors

·         Lincolnshire Health Related Walks from April 2017

·         Sensory Trails and Green Spaces

·         Disability Sub Group Change of Name & Logo

·         Gruffalo Spotters Trail


It was reported that in relation to the issues regarding the track joining the Grantham Canal, the Team Leader for Countryside Services advised that work had been undertaken to find out who owned this land, and it had been confirmed that this was owned by Lincolnshire County Council's Highways department.  An e-mail would be sent to follow up and to discuss what improvements needed to take place.


It was reported that the Woodland Trust were willing to attend a meeting of the Forum in order to give an update on access definitions.  The Vice-Chairman also advised that he would be meeting with one of the managers on 19 April 2017, and would report back to the Forum on the outcome of that meeting.


In relation to I-Spy in the Countryside, it was reported that since the last meeting various organisations had been approached regarding funding, and notification had been received that Leicester City Football Club were not able to assist with funding this year, and so funding was still being sought.  It was commented that there were still some booklets left over from the Rutland event, and if the Forum was in agreement, the Countryside for All Sub Group would like to use these at the event in Leicester.  Ideally, the Sub-Group was looking for a long term partner.  It was queried whether Lincolnshire County Council would be willing to fund the cost of the folders which it was believed would be around £900.


It was reported that there had not been sufficient interest in the Accessibility Ambassadors at this time, and so it had been agreed to put this on hold in Lincolnshire and just focus on Rutland and Leicestershire.


There was disappointment that there were no Gruffalo trails in Lincolnshire at this time, and it was clarified that this was an augmented reality app for mobile phones which was aimed at children.


In relation to the Lincolnshire Health Related Walks from April 2017 it was queried whether any progress had been made with the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG's), and the Forum was advised that contact needed to be made with the district councils again, as they had not contacted the Forum's Secretary as requested with a list of volunteers.  The Chairman advised that South Kesteven District Council had a volunteer co-ordinator and he would pass on the contact details to the Vice-Chairman.  It was also reported that the Lincolnshire Co-op had funded what was believed to be a permanent post to co-ordinate Walking for Health across the County.


A discussion took place regarding Yew Tree Avenue and the progress in relation to securing funding for the path between the car park and the Avenue.  It was noted that there was a need to resolve the permissive access issues, as there were a number of issues in relation to it being leasehold.  Once there was clarity in relation to access issues, funding for improvements would be sourced.  It was reported that a report had been submitted to the Rutland Health and Wellbeing Board regarding approval for a bid by Sport England for promotion of walking through a website which would allow people to track their walks.  However, it was noted that this was only at the expression of interest stage, but the report did include reference to improvements to infrastructure.  The Public Rights of Way Officer offered to send the link to the Vice-Chairman for information.




1.    The Chairman to pass the details of SKDC's Volunteer Co-ordinator to the Vice-Chairman.


2.    The Public Rights of Way Officer to send the link regarding the report on the Sport England bid for promotion of walking to the Vice-Chairman.





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