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2016/17 Quarter 4 Performance

(To receive a report by David Boath (Performance and Intelligence Manager) which provides an update on 2016/17 Quarter 4 performance of the Adult Care Council Business Plan measures within the four Commissioning Strategies.  The report also gives an update on the progress of the Better Care Fund with reference to Health and Social Care metrics)


Consideration was given to a report by the Executive Director of Adult Care and Community Wellbeing which provided an update on 2016/17 Q4 performance of the Adult Council Business Plan measures within the four Commissioning Strategies.  The report also provided an update on the progress of the Better Care Fund with reference to Health and Social Care metrics.


Theo Jarratt (County Manager – Performance, Quality and Development) introduced the report and explained that Adult Care activities were arranged under the following four commissioning strategies:-

·       Safeguarding;

·       Adult Specialist Services;

·       Carers; and

·       Adult Frailty and Long Term Conditions


Members were invited to ask questions, during which the following points were noted:-

·       In regard to safeguarding and "People who report they feel safe", the Committee was advised that adults do make unwise decisions at times and so a visit would take place.  For example, an elderly lady may intimate that her son was taking money and not leaving enough food but she may prioritise the relationship over her wellbeing.  This then left a level of risk which would form part of the 20% of people who suggested they did not feel safe.  It was stressed that this indicator did not always relate to social care and that exposure to the media had been found to have caused people to feel unsafe;

·       Members referred to street lighting in the county and highlighted that some elderly residents who were self-sufficient and independent, were worried about the possible increase in crime due to the streetlights being turned off after midnight.  This was thought to have a detrimental impact on their health and wellbeing;

·       The statutory survey included a question which was more targeted at people who were in receipt of social care services;

·       The Committee noted that the report would have benefited from additional context which increased the number of questions being asked of officers.  It was suggested that a summary contextualised the performance data would be helpful at future meetings;

·       Although reporting figures were generally taken from reviews, the Committee was advised that this was difficult to do within adult care as there were a variety of different types of people with different needs.  Performance reporting continued to evolve but the last quarter performance was a prediction only following the implementation of MOSAIC;

·       It was confirmed that the Carers budget had not been cut and that the BCF included substantial growth for this budget area;

·       The Committee agreed to consider the performance report as the first agenda items at future meetings followed by the "theme" item;

·       Homecare was cheaper than residential care, however the threshold of 26.5 hours of homecare resulted in it becoming more cost effective to enter residential care.  For planning purposes for the BCF, 1160 permanent admissions had been included for 2017/18 which demonstrated a rise in numbers.  These demographic pressures had been recognised;

·       It was explained to the Committee that there was a sophisticated model in relation to the block purchase of beds but that the rate of return had been minimised as a result.  This was a three year agreement which was currently under review prior to the need for a new agreement for 2018/19.


At 12.30pm, Councillor P M Key left the meeting and did not return.


The Committee was asked to note that work was ongoing to provide a reporting solution from MOSAIC which would provide the information required to produce summaries within the performance report.  It was expected that the new format would be presented in the Autumn.




          That the report and contents of Appendix A (Adult Care Infographic) and Appendix B (Better Care Fund Performance) be noted.

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