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Council Budget 2019/20

05/02/2019 - Council Budget 2019/20

(1)   That the effect of the updated funding available and revenue expenditure as noted in paragraphs 1.3 to 1.19, and as detailed at Appendix A and Appendix B to the report, be noted.


(2)  That the Equality Impact Analysis, as detailed at Appendix C to the report, and the consultation comments as shown in Appendix I to the report and presented at the meeting be noted.


(3)  That, subject to recommendation 4 below, the following be recommended to the County Council for approval:


        a) the revenue budget for 2019/20, as detailed in Table C of the Further Update to the Council Budget 2019/20;

        b) the capital programme for 2019/20, as detailed at Table A and Appendix E to the report;

        c) the levels of council tax proposed in Table B of the report, including the increasing of council tax in 2019/20 by 4.95%;

          d) the prudential indicators for 2019/20, as detailed at Appendix G to the report; and

          e) the Flexible Use of Capital Receipts Strategy for 2019/20, as detailed at Appendix H to the report.


(4)  That the Leader of the Council be given delegated authority to review and amend the Executive's budget recommendations to the County Council, as appropriate, in light of the final Local Government Settlement, council tax and business rates information from the Lincolnshire District Councils if received between the Executive meeting and the County Council on 22 February 2019.


(5)  That a Business Rates Volatility reserve be established for the County Council's share of the surplus for 2019/20 of Business Rates Collection Funds operated by the District Councils, which could then be used to offset Business Rates Collection Fund deficits in future years or for other purposes approved by the Council. 



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