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Install measures to stop dangerous driving on Carlton Boulevard, Lincoln

We the undersigned the stretch of road between outer-circle road and the mini round about located outside the primary school is not protected. A total disregard to speed limits is noticeable as racers and other members of the public speed up that road. this road is very close to many of our front doors and the neighbourhood has suffered the noise disruption and constantly live in fear for the safety of our children and pets. This road leads to a school entrance to Carlton boulevard Infants school. . Traffic can be quite fast moving along Carlton boulevard and it is agreed by many neighbours that we need further restrictions in place and hopefully a speed camera to stop any more loss.

We kindly ask the council to investigate this issue and take appropriate action to safeguard one of Lincolns beautiful areas, our families, children and our beloved pets. Many cats and dogs have been killed due to the lack of driver diligence. Please install a speed camera or other measures as all measures taken so far have failed. I insert a comment taken from a social media post.

Agreed this is a good idea ??can easily run somebody over, or someone’s pet, and also not great when people are trying to sleep. Very irritating when I’m in bed and they wake me up before my 4:30am start to get up for work ??.

I'm in. My daughter jumps out of her skin when she's in bed and its really late. We have had 2 cars over the few years crash into the fences either side of us.

I think this is a brilliant idea, boy racers go down my street at night time and it p***** me off when I try to sleep

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