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Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve Joint Advisory Committee


Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve is an area of some 1500 acres (610 hectares) comprising sandy and muddy seashores, sand dunes, salt marshes and freshwater habitats.  A Field Station provides accommodation for residential courses and day visitors are catered for in a visitor centre.  There is a network of paths around the nature habitats on the site, including an easy access route through the dunes system.  The JAC provides a forum for discussion of issues relating to the management of the National Nature Reserve.  Its role is, however, advisory and it does not have direct control of the management of the site which is exercised by LTNC.  

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Paul Learoyd

Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
Banovallum House
Manor House Street
Horncastle, Lincs

Phone: (01507) 526667

Website: http://www.lincstrust.org.uk

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