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Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust - Biodiversity Steering Group


Determining priorities of the trust biodiversity action including input into county Biodiversity Action Plans. 


Advising on the trusts priorities for nature reserves establishment, the Wildlife Sites system, biological data, habitat protection and recreation, species protection, reinforcement and reintroductions, surveys and monitoring and campaigns. 


Keeping under review the status of potentially endangered species in Lincolnshire.


Advising staff on the monitoring of endangered species.


Debating and informing the Trusts policies and practices on land use.


Advising on all other aspects of planning and the promotion of good planning practice.



Contact information

Tammy Smalley
Head of Conservation

Lincs Wildlife Trust
Banovallum House
Manor House Street
Horncastle, Lincs

Phone: 01507 526667

Website: www.lincstrust.org.uk

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