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Secure Accommodation Review Panel


Under the Children Act 1989, Section 25, Children Looked After can be deprived of their liberty by being placed in secure accommodation.  Regulations of the Children Act require the local authority to ensure each child is reviewed within one month of the start of the placement and thereafter at intervals not exceeding three months.  (Lincolnshire reviews each child on a monthly basis.)  The local authority is required to appoint three persons to undertake this function, one of whom must not be employed by the local authority responsible for the child or for providing the secure accommodation.  The above panel complies with the Acts requirements for reviews and allows for the development of expertise by its members which is essential in completing the tasks fairly and also in protecting the interests of the child and community.

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Carolyn Knight
Lincolnshire County Council

The Vicarage

Phone: 01522 553732

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