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South Lincolnshire Fenlands Partnership


The South Lincolnshire Fenlands Partnership is working to enhance and create an iconic fenland landscape within our productive and important Lincolnshire farmlands. All of the project area is within Lincolnshire County Council’s boundary  and includes the villages of Baston, Langtoft, Thurlby, Tongue End & Twenty & is close to Bourne, Spalding, Pinchbeck & Market Deeping.  


Our aim is to recreate fenland and other wetlands centred on the nature reserves of Baston, Thurlby and Willow Tree Fen near Bourne to benefit people and wildlife. We also want to tell the story of the history and culture of our fens and inform visitors about our beautiful countryside and encourage them to come and explore it.  We are currently in the process of applying for Nature Improvement Area (NIA) Status for the South Lincolnshire Fenlands, which will be the first NIA in the Lincolnshire County Council area. 


As part of our fenland re-creation and restoration we will be:

  • Extending & improving access to our green spaces for visitors, tourists & local communities
  • Protecting & enhancing the fenlands environmental, archaeological & historic heritage
  • Enhancing our unique & iconic fen landscape
  • Creating space for wildlife
  • Investigating efficient water management in the area
  • Promoting environment & business within our local communities
  • Developing ways to adapt to & reduce the impacts of climate change


The Partnership is an informal gathering of 22 partners; comprised of national & local organisations and individuals with an interest in the area. These include Natural England, the Environment Agency, local landowners and farmers, local business, Internal Drainage Boards, parish and district councillors, staff members of LCC, village groups. Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust is the Lead Partner. We meet 4 times per year. There is no formal constitution or governance arrangements; the Steering Group operates well on a basis of consensus.  Length of service by representatives is at the discretion of their organisations. The partnership is not a financial or legal entity.


Contact information

Tammy Smalley
Head of Conservation

c/o Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
Banovallum House
Manor House Street

Phone: 07766 508428

Website: http://www.lincsfenlands.org.uk/

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