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East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust Update

(To receive a presentation from the East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EMAS).  Mike Naylor, Director of Finance and Deputy Chief Executive from EMAS, and Sue Cousland, General Manager EMAS Lincolnshire Division, will be in attendance at the meeting)


Consideration was given to a presentation from the East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust, which provided an update to the Committee.


The Chairman welcomed to the Committee Mike Naylor, Director of Finance and Deputy Chief Executive, EMAS and Sue Cousland, Lincolnshire Divisional Manager.


The presentation provided the Committee with an overview of progress and the highlights for 2017/18, which had included:-


·         The implementation of urgent care transport, which had reduced response times;

·         Progress of the Blue Light Collaboration in Lincolnshire;

·         Introduction of the Pre-Hospital Sepsis Treatment;

·         Clinical Assessment Service;

·         That the EMAS team of paramedics had won a prestigious European Emergency Medical Services Competition  in Copenhagen; and

·         That the East Midland Ambulance Service had been the first service outside London to launch the GoodSam App to help save more lives.


The presentation highlighted the rural geography of greater Lincolnshire and the challenges it posed.


The Committee noted that Improvement Trajectories for Quarter 1 - 4 had seen Lincolnshire performing better than trajectory in quarter one in all areas and being slightly ahead of trajectory for Quarter 2 in categories 1, 3 and 4. Details of the new Ambulance Response Programme were shared with the Committee.


The improvement plans for Lincolnshire included a new contract which had been based on the re-modelling of the Ambulance Response Programme; that 80 additional staff had been recruited; the provision of private Ambulance support; collaboration with partners; and the provision of 36 new ambulances for Lincolnshire.


Further information was provided relating to recruitment.  It was noted that there would be 80 new staff for 2018/19 and that a further 90 staff would be recruited in 2019/20.  The staff recruited would have a mixture of skill sets; and that there would be additional specialist paramedic and advanced paramedic roles.  It was noted that the service had gone through a culture change; resulting in an Inclusive Management approach, which had improved morale.


One area highlighted was – Turnaround Times at Emergency Departments.  The Committee was advised that during 2017/18, EMAS had lost 72,132 hours to pre-hospital handover delays, which equated to the loss of 6,011 twelve-hour vehicle shifts.  It was noted that initiatives had been put in place; and the situation was now improving slightly.


The presentation also made reference to:-


·         Transformational Change;

·         The Rotating Paramedic Pilot;

·         Strategy and Vision; and Engagement Plan to help shape the 'Vision';

·         Revised Values; and

·         The Conclusion which included a summary of what had been achieved, which included:-

o   Performance Improvement; Culture Change; Inclusive Management Style; Enhanced Relationships across the system; Improved Communication and Collaboration; the implementation of an Innovative approach to service change; and recognition that Lincolnshire was 'Different'.


A discussion ensued, from which the following points were raised:-


·         Some members welcomed the encouraging and positive report;

·         The provision of defibrillators; and the process for accessing them.  A suggestion was made for the need for a national data base;

·         The pre-hospital Sepsis treatment, with the administering of anti-biotics;

·         Recognition of the work done by LIVES to help EMAS reach their targets;

·         Whether Lincolnshire-based ambulances which had taken patients out of the county were returning to Lincolnshire for the rest of their shift.  It was confirmed that the level of ambulances 'drifting' into other EMAS divisions was lower than it had been previously; and

·         Whether the GoodSam App was promoted.  It was noted that it was mainly used predominantly by ambulance personnel and nurses.  


The Chairman extended thanks to the representatives from EMAS for their excellent presentation; and wished it to be noted that the Committee welcomed the improvements.




1.    That the East Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Trust update report be noted.


2.    That further update reports be received from East Midlands Ambulance NHS Trust on a six-monthly basis.


The Committee adjourned at 1.20pm and re-convened at 2.00pm.


Additional apologies for absence for the afternoon part of the meeting were received from Councillor M T Fido and R H Trollope-Bellew.

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