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Lincolnshire Learning Partnership (LLP)

(To receive a report from Susan Williams, Children's Service Manager, Education Strategy, which provides the Committee with an update on the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership)


Consideration was given to a report from Sue Williams, Children's Service Manager - Education Strategy, which invited the Committee to consider the update on the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership. 


The Children's Service Manager – Education advised the Committee that the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership (LLP) played a key role in the Lincolnshire Education system.  The Committee was advised that the board members of the LLP were elected from Lincolnshire schools; with co-opted positions from the County Council and other partners.


The Committee was advised that the LLP had commissioned a number of projects which were having a positive impact in Lincolnshire schools.  It was noted that the projects were wide ranging and that the largest one was 'Mobilise', which focussed on using research to address aspects of school improvement.  The report highlighted that in the first year 'Mobilise' had focussed on developing teaching assistants; and that in the second year schools had been given a wider choice of research.  It was noted that initial feedback had recognised the strength of working in partnership with other schools and the impact of some of the focussed work on pupils with special educational needs and pupils known to be eligible for pupil premium funding.  The Committee was advised that the work of 'Mobilise' and research-led practice had been recognised in a number of Ofsted inspections across the County, especially around the use of teaching assistants.


It was reported that the third stage of 'Mobilise' included projects in English and Mathematics; and the development of cognition, thinking and memory choice from the previous year where cognitive theory had been used to improve learning.


The LLP had also organised an annual conference; leadership briefings three times a year; governor briefings three times a year; and that work was also being carried out with a number of partners to deliver a governance support package.


In conclusion, the Committee was advised that the LLP was building a long term strategic plan whose aim was to identify how to best support schools in tackling trends and the analysis of pupil outcomes.


During a short discussion, the following comments were raised:-


·         The positive impact of the Caring2Learn project;

·         The positive impact 'Mobilise' had in the first year and the difference it had made to the teaching assistants;

·         Confirmation was given that home elective education did not have direct access to the LLP.  Officers advised that the LLP website was open to all;

·         Funding for the LLP – The Committee was advised that the funding for the LLP came from the dedicated schools grant, historic funding, and that the Lincolnshire Schools' Forum had agreed to put this money aside for the LLP.  Confirmation was given that access to the LLP was for all schools;

·         That the since the introduction of the LLP, all schools now worked together to achieve the best outcomes for the children of Lincolnshire.  The Committee was advised that the Strategic School Improvement Fund had brought funding of £1.2m  into Lincolnshire;

·         Engagement of schools – The Committee was advised that overall engagement had increased with schools; and

·         Peer reviews – It was highlighted that Peer reviews had produced some good data sets; and had highlighted good working practices; and that feedback from Headteacher briefings had been a key driver in school improvement. 


The Chairman extended thanks to the hard work of everyone involved in making the LLP such a success; and that a further update on the LLP should be received by the Committee in one year's time.




1.    That the update on the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership be received.


2.    That a further update on the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership be received by the Committee in twelve months' time.

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