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Short Breaks Provision in Lincolnshire

08/07/2019 - Short Breaks Provision in Lincolnshire

(1)  That approval be given to the re-procurement of planned short breaks and emergency placements for Learning Disability (LD) services at Swallow Lodge and Cedar House.  


(2)  That the Executive Director of Adult Care and Community Wellbeing be delegated the authority, in consultation with the Executive Councillor for Adult Care, Health and Children's Services, to determine the final form of the contract, to approve the award of the contracts and entering into the contracts, and any other legal documentation necessary to give effect to the said contracts.


(3)   That the proposal to carry out a second phase of work to focus on the commissioning of wider residential short breaks and respite requirements be noted, including exploration of the potential benefits of bringing greater clarity and consistency in respite provision through additional bespoke short breaks contract arrangements, including opportunities for improvements in service quality, availability and value for money.



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