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Lincoln Civic Trust Limited - Council


The Lincoln Civic Trust seeks to enhance the City of Lincoln, for residents and visitors, by maintaining its ancient buildings through working with other statutory and voluntary bodies.


It was founded in 1952 and the Trust is committed to the following aims and objectives:


Preserve buildings and monuments of historic and artistic value and places of natural beauty.


Increase and develop the range of amenities for public use.


            Involve the community in a broad range of cultural activities relating to architecture, music, drama and the arts to engender a sense of citizenship amongst City dwellers.


            Encourage and support the work of the City’s many talented artists and craftsmen.


Co-operate for these purposes with local authorities and with bodies with similar aims, both local and national.



Contact information

Mrs Catherine Waby

St Marys Guildhall
385 High Street

Phone: (01522) 546422

Website: http://www.lincolncivictrust.co.uk

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